What is C.E.R.T.?

Community Emergency Response Team - Training to be prepared. After 8 weeks of extensive training, dedicated people have committed to serve in their neighborhoods by doing the "most good for the most people, in the least amount of time".      FREE C.E.R.T. Community Emergency Response Teams Training



Community Action Teams is a charitable organization that has a mission and vision dedicated solely to the social and physical well-being of individuals since 2007, as well as the spiritual regeneration of those persons who are in need of such assistance.

We also promote and help subsidize outreach facilities such as the Center For Empowerment. The Center is a non-profit, faith-based facility committed to empowering and equipping traditionally under-served youth and families in the Houston and surrounding region, to achieve a higher quality of life and to further the development of the overall community.

The Center is a 46,000 Sq. Ft facility that provides approx. 450 meals a day, 13,500 meals per month, 162,000 meals per year since Jan 2007, as well as providing transitional housing for families, and individual men and women. The center provides three meals a day, clothing, and assistance with job placement development, including, but not limited to Humanitarian and Disaster Relief outreach support efforts throughout the region.

Again, thanks to each of you who went through personal growth and ministry growth with us. Now, however, it is time for us to go to the next level. We must be willing to assist each other to be proactive and develop new and innovative ways for leaders to partner together in order to accomplish our goals and to overcome challenges on behalf of Community Outreach efforts.

Some of the ways that you can be involved in your community are:

> C.E.R.T. Training Certification

> H.A.M. Radio Operator Certification

> Water Rescue and Labor Teams to Clear Debris

> Developing and Coordinating Clean Water Sources and Cooking Teams

> Obtaining and Distributing Food, Clothing, Linens, Hygiene Products, etc.

> Establishing and/or Organizing PODS (Points of Distribution) Facilities.